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Lazy Ride Script Font

Lazy Ride Script Font

Made by hptypework

This font is for PERSONAL USE ONLY: NO COMMERCIAL USE ALLOWED! You are required to purchase a license for commercial use. The font license can be purchased at:

[UPDATE] 25/02/2018

Added 8 Catchwords on Lazy Ride Script. Please, see the new- last image on preview for details.

Don't forget to check our latest font release called: Groovy, A Retro, Bold & Sporty Font here:
This monolinear script was started after i did some lettering project, create a custom logotype for "Lazy Ride Club", a classic motorcycle club in my hometown.

Since the logotype i've created looks awesome, i think it is a good idea to make a full-packed typeface version based on that monoline lettering.

Lazy Ride is such a nice couple font; Script and Sans. These collections are a great choice for font pairing or combination. You will and you can, easily create a custom logotype, short typography, titling or other artistic - vintagious type design.

Lazy Ride Script is contains more than 670 glyphs, OpenType Format with PUA Unicode Assigned. The alternates glyphs is divided into several OpenType Features: Stylistic Alternate, Contextual, Swashes, Ligatures and Stylistic Set. On Stylistic set you can choose glyphs for subtitutions up to 21 variant per letter.

[TUTORIAL] See how to access the OpenType Features or alternate glyphs from the font here:

And Lazy Ride Sans is an all caps font, TrueType Format. It has a very minimal basic character; Uppercase and lowercase, numerals, punctuation and some of currency symbols ( see the last image on preview). The Uppercase is more Condensed and it's great for create titles or headline. And the lowercase is as good as a text for pairing with the Script version.

I planed to add more character with alternates such as Ligatures or Stylistic, and also more languange to Sans version in the future.

if you have any questions, please email me:



Lazy Ride Script675 CharactersOTF
Lazy Ride Script Regular
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Lazy Ride Script is licensed under the following terms:
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