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Lilly Font

Lilly Font

Made by Apostrophic Labs

This font was named after Eli Lilly, the founder of the company (also called Eli Lilly) that now makes Prozac. This is the same guy who back in 1923 was behind the release of the first commercial samples of Insulin in the United States. Eli Lilly has now been dead for a while, but the pharmaceutical company still thrives on by merchandising happiness through chemistry.

Serotonin is important.

I now invite you, since you downloaded this font and therefore owe me your soul, to reach for your guitar, strum something in G very mellowly, and sing this Happy Hour song with me:

Can Lilly turn the mule into a horse?
Of course.
Can Lilly turn the horse into a jet?
You bet.
Will Lilly turn the jet into a fan?
They can.
Will Lilly turn the fan into a kite?
They might.
Will Lilly turn the kite into a drill?
They will.
Will Lilly turn the drill into a gun?
It's fun.

Pick up the strumming now, make it a riff. If you have an amplifier, plug the guitar and crank up the volume.

Get off the mule, have no fear
You have a bottle somewhere near
One more pill, to chase the tears
And happy hour, happy hour, happy hour's here

Enter drum machine thud-thud beat. If you're really good on the guitar, lower the volume slightly and play the solo from Uncle Remus -- if you're not that good on the guitar, you can pretend to do the above. Regardless of your guitar skills, make sure to put on a stone-cold look and give solemn depth your voice as you sing the following:

The only way's up, never down
Lilly makes the world go round
Wash the pill down with beer
Coz happy hour, happy hour, happy hour's here

happy hour
happy hour
happy hour's here

So there.
Have a blast.

© Apostrophic Laboratories & Dana Rice. All rights reserved.


Fri, 03 Nov 2017 03:23:50 +0100
I'm unsure how I even happened apon this hidden gem.

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