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Peter Obscure Font

Peter Obscure Font

Made by Peter Wiegel

Translated from the original German description: Yes, I admit it! This is really a very hideous font, and I do not know if someone can use it at all. I probably have had a bad day, when I slopped this miserable font together. I do not think that I spent much time on it, but it has been a few years back. Anyway, I was not very happy with this font, I then forgot about it on my hard drive. Eventually I then created a backup copy on CD, which then wandered into an aluminum case. Here, this font must be accidentally wandered with this CD. Now, a few days ago, I have made myself out to free me of the old ballast. So I grabbed my CD case, and looked in what I still want to continue to keep and what finally goes into the garbage. There was not much that I've actually kept. And so am I just stumbled on this font, and told me: "Well, you did it yes finally finished, you do not like this font, but maybe someone can use this garbage. So why should I not put them on the website? That does not take up so much space and I can delete the thing anytime. "And here it is, this totally obscure font. Should now be someone completely different opinion, please let me know. I really need to now not all like what I've done.

Oh, now when someone says, how can this Wiegel talk so bad about his font and call it amateurish, then I can only say that I have a right to do so, because ultimately I'm just an amateur! Yes, I stand by that.


Peter Obscure358 CharactersTTF
Peter Obscure Bold
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Peter Obscure font is licensed under the SIL Open Font License (OFL)
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