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Temphis Font Family

Temphis Font Family

Made by Cumberland Fontworks

"Temphis Sweatermonkey" is an oddball sort of font, because it has a very modern look applied to letterforms meant for an (admittedly lighthearted) medieval fantasy world. It would, however, make a very nice futuristic-alien sort of thing, good for signage aboard a spaceship or other kind of project. If you enjoy this font, visit the Temphis Runes page and download the freeware sampler of that, too (which includes another free font, a patchwork frankenstein of the entire family).

This particular variant, Temphis Knotwork, is a rough draft of a celticky take on it, tongue in cheek. I hand-doodled the masters over giant printouts of Temphis Scrivener, modifying as I went. If you're a Uresia or Temphis Runes fan, add it to your collection ... If you're new to both, snag it and put it to whatever use you enjoy!

Temphis Brick is the third in a series of limited-release variants for the Temphis Runes (after Temphis Sweatermonkey and Temphis Knotwork). Sorry I got this up so late this month; I had a nasty flu kicking my butt for the past week and change.

It's hard for anything in Uresia to really be anachronistic (it's a fantasy world where children have hand-held videogames), but this playful free expansion to the Temphis Runes comes close. It's called Temphis Dirty because it's stressed and blotted to evoke a sense of worn-out newsprint (much like one of my old standards, Dirty Headline). Like its sister fonts, Temphis Dirty is a caps-and-numerals set with limited punctuation (but that's all the punctuation they have in Temphis, where they have more colorful fish to fry). Enjoy!

If you're interested in licensing this font for public or organizational use, email me at and be sure to specify the font's title. I'll respond with instructions.


Temphis Brick97 CharactersTTF
Temphis Brick
Temphis Dirty97 CharactersTTF
Temphis Dirty
Temphis Knotwork97 CharactersTTF
Temphis Knotwork
Temphis Sweatermonkey97 CharactersTTF
Temphis Sweatermonkey
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