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Veleka Font Family

Veleka Font Family

Made by Stefan Peev, Context Ltd

Copyright (c) by Stefan Peev, Context Ltd, 2016 ([at],, under SIL license with Reserved Font Name "Veleka".
Veleka is complete modification of Charis SIL, copyrighted (c) by SIL International, 1997-2014 under SIL license (the SIL license is attached with the Veleka font, and is also available with a FAQ at:
Although Charis SIL is intended to be a multilingual font it has some limitations, which were the reason to create the Veleka font.

What is new in the Veleka v. 1.000?

1. There will be a full support for Greek in the Unicode range uni0370:uni03CE.
2. There are two models of Cyrillic for the range uni0410:uniuni044F (Modern Bulgarian Cyrillic and Russian Traditional Cyrillic).
3. There are two ways to switch between the modern and traditional Cyrillic (either by using locl feature for Russin language, or by using Style Set 01 feature).
4. There will be a full support for Open Type features: Latin All Caps (case + cpsp), Ligatures, Discretionary Ligatures, Fractions, Ordinals, Swash, Titling Alternates, Contextual Alternates, Small Caps, All Small Caps, Slashed Zero, Stylistic Set 01, Stylistic Set 02, Superscript/Superior, Subscript/Inferior, Numerator, Denominator, Proportional Oldstyle, Proportional Lining, Tabular Oldstyle, Tabular Lining, Default Figure Style.
5. There will be a lot of new glyphs in all the main Unicode ranges: Latin, Greek, Cyrillic, IPA etc.
6. The glyphs are rearranged according to Unicode 9.0.

What is expected to be done in the near future for Veleka font?

Please, keep in mind that till v. 2.000 the Veleka font is still in prerelease version. There is a lot of work to be done:
1. Full support for Greek Extended range uni1F00:uni1FFF.
2. Maximum support for Cyrillic. It means full and easy support not only for Russian and Bulgarian Cyrillic, but also for Serbian and Macedonian.
How to switch Russian glyphs model – either use Russian as a local language or use Style Set 01. How to switch to Serbian glyphs model – use Style Set 02. How to switch to Macedonian glyphs model – use Style Set 03. For any other cyrillic glyphs models – use Style Set 01.
3. Bug fixing, clearing of the design of the glyphs, better metrics and better hinting.
4. New Veleka formats: TTF, WOFF.

Although Veleka as a derived font it is quite different from the original, offering a lot of new features and being a multilingual font.

If you like it, please support us either by sending us a message, or by considering a donation.


Veleka Regular2768 CharactersOTF
Veleka Regular
Veleka Italic2768 CharactersOTF
Veleka Italic
Veleka Bold Italic2768 CharactersOTF
Veleka Bold Italic
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Veleka font family is licensed under the SIL Open Font License (OFL)
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